Lone Walk

About Us

The Social Medicine is a free community which is designed to help limit the feelings of loneliness which all of us can feel at some point in our lives.

The Social Medicine is a concept from Lianne and Tom Weaver, of Beam Development and Training. The experiences of so many people during the Covid-19 lockdown inspired Lianne and Tom into doing research on loneliness. What they learned about the number of people who are affected by loneliness, and the impact it can have, motivated them to do something to help others which can be easily accessed regardless of location, and is free of charge.

Loneliness is something that we can all experience at different points in our life, whether it's through a bereavement, a move to a new job, losing a friend, or a relationship breakdown. It can also be triggered by external events such as this year’s Covid-19 lockdown. Anyone can feel lonely, regardless of how wide their social circle is, whether or not they live alone, or what stage of life they are at.

As human beings we are social creatures. We are hardwired to reach out to other human beings to receive support. When we are not receiving that contact, for whatever reason, we start to experience loneliness, in a very similar way to how we experience hunger. Those pangs of loneliness can often be quite physically painful as well as emotional. They are designed to encourage us to reach out to another human being, in the same way that if you were hungry your pangs of hunger would encourage you to reach out for food. Unfortunately loneliness often comes with a feeling of not being good enough, or it can cause a lack of self worth. We can be left feeling that there's something wrong with us because we're experiencing loneliness, which isn't the case.

The Social Medicine is designed to offer a weekly dose of social contact - an opportunity to connect with others. Find out more about The Social Medicine on our What To Expect page, and most importantly, sign up for our next Zoom meeting.

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