It can be daunting when you're thinking about trying something new, so here is exactly how it will go.


About the session

The Social Medicine is a free, one-hour virtual meeting every Sunday for six weeks, starting on Sunday, November 1st 2020. Research suggests that Sunday is the loneliest day of the week, and so we decided that every Sunday at 6pm we will have a get-together via Zoom, where anyone can join us. You can sign up to join us for one week, or for the entire series.

Our aims for the group each week are to:

•    Connect with new people

•    Hear an inspiring human story

•    Focus on helping others as well as on our own wellbeing

The Social Medicine begins with an introduction from our founder, Lianne Weaver, who will give an overview of how the event is going to run. Then we all get to have a 1-on-1 Zoom breakout meeting  with someone else who has joined the session, before we come back together in a group to hear from our guest speaker, who will share their inspirational story. We will then get the chance to have a second 1-on-1 breakout meeting with another person in the group. The session will end with a summary from Lianne, who will set some optional ‘homework’ in the shape of a challenge to help us connect with more people throughout the week.


Our ask of you

All we ask of our participants is:

•    Be kind and respectful

•    Be open minded

•    Focus on the community

•    Be fully present throughout our hour-long session

You will not be asked to do any public speaking or answer questions. The only time we encourage you to have your camera and mic on is during the 1-on-1 interactions so you can connect with the other person. 

If you're still unsure you about coming along but feel you’d like to know more, contact us


Start time 

Lianne introduces the group and what is going to happen


You get to meet and connect with someone 1 on 1


The 'Human Stories' part of the hour where we hear a story to Connect - Inspire - Educate - Motivate


You get to meet and connect with someone 1 on 1


Feedback and the weekly challenge



Meetup Event

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